January 3, 2019

Product Demos:

SiteCheck 1.0
SiteCheck is a program for Webmasters, it allows you to easily check the status of your Web Site or Web Sites.
A small file and easy to use program site specific versions available for purchase and can be obtained via request.
Download SiteCheck

Sitemap Generator
Having a Sitemap is important if you want Search Engines to Crawl
your Website. Sitemap Generator Demo provides and example of an
HTML Sitemap that is geared towards getting results Fast.

Sitemap Generator comes with Demo html files and the main
program. When prompted to select your HTML files directory
browse to the sample files or to any folder that contains
your HTML files.

You will be prompted to enter specific information that will be
written to the Sitemap. During the writing process the program
may take a few seconds to prompt you again. When the Sitemap
has been created it will open in your default browser for viewing.
This version does not save the Sitemap, the Commercial Version does
and has more easy to customize features.
Download SiteMap Generator

These are Free Product Demos and are not Full Versions and limited to only certain functions or options.

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